Integration of online stores

We’ll help you automate your print production for short runs.



Our customers, such as the children's book publisher Librio (, greatly appreciate the fact that we print in Switzerland. We work as a delivery partner for international customers and web shops that want to produce in Switzerland. 

By producing on demand, we avoid overproduction and waste. We also reduce CO2 emissions by producing close to the end customer.

Custom print production

Automated and computer-assisted production of printed matter is one of our core competencies.

Photo books, personalized children’s books, personalized advertising material, cards, posters, and other printed products are produced in customary Bubu quality and swiftly delivered to any location in Switzerland.


Swiss supply logistics

Our workflow communicates directly with your online store, allowing you to deliver custom-made products quickly and efficiently. In addition to the printed material that we produce ourselves, we offer a fulfillment service through our online store and can send your finished products directly to the customer.