Edge Printing

Wraparound design: We not only produce the front and back cover to your requirements – the spine and page edges also provide space for your design ideas.

Out Of The Box

Think three-dimensionally in your design! Edge printing opens up a whole range of new design opportunities and brings cover art into previously unimagined dimensions.

The page edges – the part of the book’s pages visible from the outside – can now be printed as well. They can be divided into the head, foot and fore edge. When looking at the book from the front, the head edge is the top, the foot edge the bottom and the fore edge the right side, opposite the spine

Using the latest technology, a four-colour printing process applied onto the edges of the book creates and almost limitless artistic scope. Whether you want to “wrap” one image around the entire book, give text impressive placement or discreetly stretch the design on the cover – edge printing offers fascinating out-of-the-box designs

There are essentially few limitations regarding this 360° design. Most anything you can think of, we can literally put down on paper. All formats up to 28 cm x 26 cm are suitable for edge printing. Whether it’s a softcover, hardcover or even a flatbook, whether it has an adhesive binding or thread stitching – edge printing is compatible with all types of binding. Even rounded corners can be printed on.

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Edge printing is suitable for striking, visually sophisticated print products. The effect is particularly exciting when the printed edging design element emphasises the contents.

For example, you can highlight the three-dimensional character of the contents - think of sculptures, statues or architecture. Perhaps you have an abstract concept, maybe poetry or lyrics, which are visually materialised by winding elements entwined around the book. The presentation of a product or fashion design can be clearly highlighted by a cover with printed edging.

Design Tips

Sprawling images or colour blocking have an absolutely stunning effect. A more subtle visual is achieved by light image elements wrapping themselves around the book edges almost by chance.

A book is a mobile object and subject to the stresses of being opened, closed and having the pages turned hundreds of times. Very fine writing and delicate image elements may be moved by just a few tenths of a millimetre when using the book normally and then they do not always join up perfectly – a problem which is no longer visible to the naked eye with more solid lines from 0.5 mm. In cases like this, it is better to choose a larger size for the design to have its full effect.

Technical requirements and information

Print runs
Edge printing is available from just one print run. Please allow for a somewhat longer production time for print runs of 1,000 copies or more. We would be happy to advise you about this.

All formats which are a maximum of 28 cm x 26 cm are suitable for edge printing.


Print products with a thickness of 3 mm or more can be edge printed. Therefore, you can give an elegant finish to cards, softcover and hardcover books

Binding types
Whether it’s a softcover, hardcover, has adhesive binding or thread stitching – edge printing is possible with all types of binding. Even rounded edges can be printed on.

Data preparation
In order to print, we need the design to be printed on the edges to be in 1:1 format as a PDF with a resolution of 300dpi. Please vectorise any writing.

Paper choice
All types of paper including coated paper can be printed.

Quality printing
We print using a special inkjet system in four-colour mode (CMYK). The colours are abrasion-resistant and very light-resistant. The colours do not yellow even after several years and do not get washed out by moisture.

Edge printing is a time-consuming production method and is therefore around 30% more expensive than coloured edging. We would be happy to advise you about this and provide you with a personalised quote.

Advice and Contact

Edge printing is a technically complex project for extravagant and luxurious books and catalogues. In order to best support you in your design, we recommend booking a non-binding consultation appointment so that we can eliminate any potential problems and provide individual solutions.

We would be happy to support you in all the steps from your idea to delivery. We look forward to our consultation appointment with you.