History and portrait

Bubu has been binding books and much more since 1941. Initially in Zurich, now in Mönchaltorf. Find out more about us!


Albert Burkhardt founds Bubu by taking over C. Fischer's book bindery at Forchstrasse 51 in Zurich. The motto "We can do that, we do everything" soon became part of the culture.

The forties

Bubu started out with 3 employees. Albert Burkhardt's wife Vreni was responsible for administration. The company soon found a foothold and was able to afford the first company car for deliveries and proudly presented itself in a new shop window as of 1946. The Bubu family was born, and the culture still lives on today.

The fifties

In the fifties, Bubu continued to develop and enjoyed healthy growth levels. Even then, they lived by values which are still important today: innovation, quality and openness to new ideas.

The sixties

In 1961, Bubu takes another major step by moving to its own production building at Forchstrasse 317 in Zürich-Balgrist. This step is also important for the company culture, as the new canteen becomes a meeting room used for many Bubu family events.

The seventies

Three years after joining, Hans Burkhardt takes over the running of the company at the same time as the founding of the joint stock company. Bubu also secures its position as a quality provider: Various awards and demanding book-binding orders are evidence of this, such as the production of the facsimile edition of the 1513 Diebold Schilling Chronicle.

The eighties

Bubu continues to develop based on the motto "Binding books and more". The external symbol of this development is the new logo developed by leading book designer Jost Hochuli. By moving to Mönchaltorf, Bubu definitely makes the switch from a hand-craft company to an industrial operation.

The nineties

In the nineties, Bubu consolidates its industrial production. The company buys a Vario 26 glue binder especially for the production of 400,000 Swatch product catalogues and lays the foundations for the Bookfactory with the LOS system for computer-aided single book and cover production.

The noughties

The millennium sees a move into the digital age. The "discboard" CD holder developed by Bubu symbolises the connection between electronic and print media. Bubu is a pioneer in the development of 'books on demand' and braves an entry into the photobook market with the launch of Bookfactory in 2004 - a milestone in company history. In 2005, Thomas Freitag takes over the running of the business from Hans Burkhardt, who focuses on chairing the supervisory board.

Since 2010

Bubu is developing further all the time. Christian Burkhardt joins Thomas Freitag as the joint managing director in 2014, securing a third generation of succession. Bookfactory celebrates its tenth anniversary in autumn 2014. A new image in spring 2015 puts the focus on binding and continues the 70-year history of the company.


Bubu anno 1951

The creation of books - a film by Albert Burkhardt.

Der Buchbinder als Kunsthandwerker - Ein Film von Albert Burkhardt mit Thorvald Henningsen (1963)